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Hiring for Non-Remote Roles

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

It's been at the center of the hiring stage for some time now due to the changing landscape of the workplace over the last few years. Many companies have adopted the remote workplace, while some don't want to lose out on the in-person connection. This article is not to convince you one way or the other - your company has likely already decided what they think is best for their team at this time and is hiring accordingly. While those who offer remote and hybrid work schedules offer stiff competition, if this is not possible for you below are a few ideas to help you attract candidates to your opportunity.

Share your Vision

First, share your vision behind why coming into the office is important to your team. A common misconception is that many employees think that the reason their managers want them in the office is a lack of trust. Therefore, sharing the "why" behind your perspective that in office time is necessary could go a long way in the eyes of your candidates. Do you have a strong collaborative team that enjoys bouncing ideas off of each other in the office? Will your new hire be able to have more visibility for promotions? Will they be able to more efficiently access training opportunities and especially you as their manager being in the office together? Growth-oriented and career-minded candidates will care about these things and could weigh heavily into their decision.

Transparently communicate your expectations

This might seem pretty self explanatory, but in order to find the right candidate who will thrive in your environment, don't sugarcoat what someone can anticipate when working there. This includes how much autonomy they will have over their hours, time off for appointments, the type of workspace, etc.. These are all things that your new hire will have to adjust to and knowing what is expected of them is crucial for setting you both up for success.

Flexible options related to work/life balance

Think about any flexibility you can offer other than remote work - of course in pay but as work-life balance is at the center of this issue, what about more vacation time? Or if your company has another location in town, could they work out of one closer to their home? If there is any way work can be done outside of the office at times, even one to two days a week, this could be a great compromise and expand your candidate pool - a win-win getting your role filled more quickly.

What makes your company stand out

Why do you like working for your company? What attracted you initially to the opportunity you have? Can they speak with current employees? These are good practices no matter what kind of role. If your company can offer them a better environment overall, it might outweigh their remote opportunity.

Benefits and Perks

Last but not least, consider your benefits and perks. Being on par with other companies in your industry might not be sufficient anymore to attract the talent you want to come into the office. In addition to making your medical benefits more robust, a gas card for the commute, a wellness incentive, or relaxing the dress code are creative ways to make your opportunity more appealing.

Covering your Market Thoroughly

When seeking to hire for an in office role, the candidate pool will be smaller for multiple reasons but especially due to geographic limitations. Thus, you will want to make sure you are thoroughly covering all the ground in your market and not overlooking any potential candidates. A recruiting partner can help you do this by leveraging their existing relationships with candidates and starting conversations with new ones who you might not be aware of. They can also be your eyes and ears on the ground to provide feedback about what is important to the candidates you want to attract. If you are ready to accomplish your high-priority objectives and take on more projects, you need to actively seek out skilled candidates who are ready and able to jump right in. Consider working with a talent partner, who will help you navigate this process and free up more time for your other duties.

Kinetic Search Strategies offers comprehensive search solutions in the building technology field. We tailor our recruiting strategy to your unique culture and business model in order to deliver the capabilities and sustainable alignment that you require. If you are interested in working with us, please call Jenne Hays at (317) 593-2360 or visit our website,

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